August 9, 2022

The long-term future of Interstate 81 through South Central Pennsylvania has been studied several times, always ending with an unaffordable price tag.

However, the primary outcome of the I-81 Improvement Strategy, which was published to this website in May 2022, focuses on current needs and a series of implementable projects in Franklin, Cumberland, Dauphin and Lebanon counties known as the I-81 Playbook.

With the help of our partners at PennDOT and the Federal Highway Administration, a number of improvements are already underway that focus on safety and congestion issues and will bring the Playbook into reality.

Below are some of the initiatives that are expected to see results in the near future:

Completing everything in the I-81 Improvement Strategy will take time, but the effort is already showing results.

Our work on this 100-mile corridor, from the Maryland border through Lebanon County, also serves as an example of how to approach regional improvements on our interstate highways.

We are quite proud of this effort and look forward to seeing work that will improve safety and reduce congestion on I-81.

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