Public Input Summary

Public and stakeholder feedback has been gathered at every step of strategy development. This includes legislative briefings, an online public survey, and a general public meeting. In total, more than 2,000 comments were submitted and are reflected in the interactive map.

Learn more by hovering over and clicking on the blue dots for a summary of the feedback received.

Key Issues Identified

  • Precarious, unsafe and congested merge points
  • Rapid lane changes
  • Limited truck parking areas
  • Short entrance and exit ramps
  • Ineffective detours and incident management
  • Speed differentials caused by speed limit changes, slower trucks passing in the left lane, and merge points with slower moving entering vehicles
  • Road maintenance during peak hours, which causes congestion
  • Poor partnership and planning-concerned decisions on new developments
  • Accessibility of nearby military installations
  • Insufficient investment in transportation infrastructure
  • Absence of resources for commuters such as adequate transit facilities and ride shares
  • Negative long-term impacts from rapid development
  • Poor pavement conditions
  • Stormwater management
  • Recruiting/Retaining Truck Drivers – Hindered by federal regulations; wages not keeping pace with required enforcement resulting in lost income
  • Overweight Commercial Vehicle Permits – Differs by state, resulting in separate compliance requirements

Public & Stakeholder Engagement

Outreach by the Numbers



Total Comments Received
Outreach by the Numbers



Total Public Surveys Completed
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Online Meeting Room


Total Online Public Meeting Room Visits
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Emergency Service Providers


Emergency Service Providers Reached
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Total Municipalities Reached
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New Developments


Potential New Developments
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